Privacy Policy

We recommend for all users to read carefully our Privacy policy terms and conditions prior to use our website.

This website and its all contents are only for educational purpose.

All directions also have been provided only for educational purpose.

We advice to all users and visitors read carefully our privacy policy terms and conditions prior to use this website.

As we previously mentioned this website is an educational website only.So we are not directly affiliated with Panda Helper or its owners.

So all ownership and respect must be possessed on Panda Helper original owners indeed.

We would like to thank on Panda Helper and its team for this helpful creature.

What Type Of Data We Collect ?

We are not selling or promoting any product through this website.

We ate sharing only educational guides.

So we are not collecting any sensitive information of users at any time including Credit card details and billing information.

But as an educational website we have responsibility to provide our feedback to our users who are willing to join with us and share their knowledge with us.

Therefore we ask them to provide a trusted way to communicate with us.

Cookies Data

We are not using any cookies data.

Data Retention & Deletion

We keep all data of users till we provide our complete feedback to them only.

After we have provided a satisfied feedback on our user, we completely remove all data from our database.

Data Collection

All we needed data we collect according to the 100% consent of users.

Without user consent we are unable to collect any information from our users indeed.

So we invite for all users to read first and use our website to get everything about Panda Helper and its utilities.

Where we highly mention that do not give your any personal data or information to any party while you are using our website.

If you face to any threat due to provide your sensitive data we are not taking any responsibility and you must take your own responsibility indeed.

All data we have given for your educational purpose and convenience only.

Thus all responsibilities of output of our given info users must bare.